Kitchen Extensions

Kitchen Extensions

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Conservatory Extensions

Conservatory extensions are a popular way of providing more space in what many would argue is the most important room in the house. It is certainly true that a well thought out, stylish and practical kitchen extension will add value to your home, as well as providing a space within it that you can enjoy to its fullest extent.

Apropos bespoke conservatories make ideal kitchen extensions. The introduction of glass creates an impressive, modern structure and immediately admits light to the room. The additional space can be used to site a dining area or to accommodate extra kitchen units, work space and appliances; there are no restrictions on the design of a kitchen extension using an apropos bespoke conservatory.

From Design to Installation

Our architects will design for you a glass structure that meets all your requirements. Each kitchen extension that we build is unique, and is designed individually for each client. By working this way we can accommodate all your needs and aspirations and there is no need for you to compromise. We don’t ask you to choose the “best fit” from a standard range, we design especially for you. Our service then extends through the manufacture and building of your new kitchen extension, leaving it ready to fit out as you please. We can incorporate heating and/or climate control within the structure to produce the perfect ambience all year round.

Stylish & Practical Kitchen Extensions

It has often been said that the kitchen is the heart of the home and we know that you don’t want to compromise any detail in such an important space. A kitchen extension from Apropos is what others aspire to; a perfect combination of form and function with endless possibilities. Designed to accommodate your tastes and requirements, a bespoke glass structure looks impressive and stylish whilst providing a very practical and useful space in your home.

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